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To date,  Over 78,000 copies of  The Patch-word Quilt:  A Great Comforter  book have been sold including orders from 11 different countries.  It has been used by others in: eulogies, as a college textbook, in various groups such as prayer circle meetings or AA, magazines & newsletters, and in prisons.
Perhaps this book is more important than ever now--in a world full of uncertainty, disappointments and life changes.  "Patches" is providing simple words of comfort concerning personal soul-searching and emotional risk-taking.
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Author: Paula J. Smith
ISBN: 0-914749-01-3

Physical Description:
Smooth textured full color paper cover
Each page shows background image of a quilt
122 pages
book size: 6 x 5

This is a precious little book full of practical tidbits of wisdom for every situation and every age. It is a primer on emotional risk-taking.

"Nothing is totally hopeless unless we believe it to be so. Why not risk feeling hopeful?"

"Risk letting go...for it is only then you will have peace of mind."

"Risk learning more about yourself and life - one day at a time."

$5.95 plus $3.00 postage ( VA residents please add 5.3%  tax)
Foreign orders: Please e-mail for postage quote (

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The Microwave Affair Single Servings Cookbook


  • Hot tips & techniques, practical advice
  • Easy to read instructions in 1,2,3 steps
  • 208 recipes for novice & advanced cooks
  • 2 weeks of menus for easy meal planning
  • Easy clean up & no wasted leftovers
  • Equipment & ingredient lists
  • Unusual extras chapter (e.g. Hot Compress for Aching Muscles)

Each page has a unique pen & ink sketch of a character from the cover, surrounded by a line border

A perfect gift item!
The Microwave Affair: single Servings
Bright red washable vinyl loose leaf 7"x9"
ISBN #0-914749-00-5
174 pages

$14.95 each copy plus $4.50 postage (VA residents please add 5.3% tax)


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