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PRIVATE NATURE PRESERVE on a mountaintop providing up-scale places to rent on a monthly to yearly basis.  

LOCATED NEAR the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Shenandoah Valley, Roanoke, Bedford, Lynchburg and Smith Mountain Lake. 

WE  PROVIDE  EVERYTHING  in these self-catering houses so that you can walk in and immediately enjoy yourselves.

REST ASSURED, NO PETS, NO ALLERGIES.  Guests can be worry-free concerning any pet dander.

EACH COTTAGE  INCLUDES:  gas grill, electric fireplace, LED candles for instant ambience, flat screen TV, MP3, CD, DVD, VHS, book & movie library, radio, robes, towels, and linens.

GREAT PLACE FOR BIRDING.  Watch the hawks soar and see other raptors.  Serenity's Edge is on their migratory path.

SMELL THE FRESH MOUNTAIN AIR.  Take walks on private trails.  Be surrounded by pretty views.

RELAX IN THIS ENERGIZING ATMOSPHERE  for harmonizing your body, mind & spirit--while enjoying an upscale home atmosphere.   

GREEN CONSCIOUSNESS is an integral part of  the outlook for Serenity's Edge in exploring new ways to use old materials, improving electric energy efficiently and preserving nature--in practical ways.


Serenity’s Edge is a prime site for watching the migration of hawks and other birds.  All cottages have decks with a clear view of  the skies and padded lounge chairs that make bird watching a joy.  Each cottage has bird identification books and binoculars.   It is not unusual for "kettles" of hawks to be seen here, riding the thermals off the mountain ridges.

Typically, on a daily basis,  you can see two pairs of red-tailed hawks playing in the thermals.  One of these hawks was severely injured with a compound fracture of the wing.  Paula Tiara captured the bird and took it to the wildlife refuge in Winchester where the wing was repaired and the bird was taught to fly again.  Can you image the thrill of being able to release this bird back on the mountain several months later? 

Until late November and then back again in the early spring, you will see an array of migrating hawks-- especially red-tailed, broad wing, red-shouldered and the smaller Cooper’s hawk.  You may also see other birds such as eagles, ospreys, kestrels, and peregrine falcons.  These birds of prey migrate to areas in Mexico, Central America and South America for the winter months.

The garden at Serenity's Edge! located near Roanoke, VA

.....A Natural place for finding inner & outer peace.



Paula Tiara

Telephone:   540-947-2468

4404 Murray Hollow Road

Thaxton, Virginia  24174

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