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                        POLICES & PROCEDURES FOR RENTALS

        Please understand that these policies have been made to help all guests have an enjoyable stay.

FIRES & OPEN FLAMES:  The burning of wood, fireworks & candles are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.  Open flames including all types of  candles and incense, are not permitted inside the cabins.   We apologize for this but have had some critical situations with fires resulting from candles.  To create a mood of ambiance, we have provided Holiday lighting and electric candles for your enjoyment.

SMOKING, INCENSE, AROMA DEVICES or SCENTED CANDLES:  You are welcome to smoke outside.  Ashtrays are provided.  NONE are permitted inside.  Since the cleaning and de-fuming process takes at least two days, you will be charged the daily rate for any cancelled stays until the cottage can be rented. In addition, $100. per hour to clean the cottage will be charged.  If discovered during your stay you will be asked to leave without refund as well as pay the other charges.

CLEANING:  You are responsible for the kitchen including cleaning all appliances, dishes & utensils and putting everything back in the cabinets. If you choose to put dishes or pans away dirty, we will gladly charge your card $100. Containers for grease are provided.  Please do not put grease down the drain.  Place all trash in the outside trash bin.  General cleaning and laundry will be done by the staff.  Daily maid service is not provided.

DAMAGES:   Unlike other vacation rental places, a damage deposit is not required. We trust you will take care of your cottage and leave it in excellent condition.  In the event that you find something wrong or defective from please tell us immediately so you will not be charged and more importantly, we can remedy the situation.  However, if damages do occur, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for full replacement cost and /or your credit card will be charged $100. per hour for any excessive cleaning or disregarding policies.   For serious infractions you may be asked to leave.

BUGS & CRITTERS:  Serenity's Edge is located on a wooded mountain.   There is a variety of wildlife living here.  Keep in mind that you may see ants, wasps, ticks, spiders, lizards, or even a snake or bear (though that is very rare).  Deer often graze on the lawns.  At certain times during the year, stink bugs and lady bugs can be plentiful--both outside and inside the houses.  We do all we can to keep them from bothering you.   If you are allergic to insects or pollen be sure to bring your antihistamine.

HUNTING, WEAPONS, ATV's:   No hunting, weapons of any kind, or ATV's  are permitted.

VALUABLES:   If leaving your accommodation, please secure your valuables.  Serenity's Edge is not responsible for any losses. 

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND AFTER YOUR STAY:  Items found after your stay are placed in a box and kept 3 months--after that time, they are donated.  If you wish an item to be returned to you, please call us to let us know.  Send a pre-paid, self-addressed package and we will send the item back to you.

NOISE:  Please respect your neighbors by having no loud noises or music outside of your cottage..

OCCUPANCY: Our cottages have a maximum occupancy of two adults.  You must be 21 years of age  or older to rent.   Children are not permitted since the concept of Serenity’s Edge is to offer privacy and quietness.  You will be charged for any additional guests, and may be asked to leave without refund if you exceed the maximum occupancy of the cottage.

COTTAGE PAYMENTS:   If reserving for a one night stay,  or for a wedding, the total dollar amount is due at the time you reserve your date, using a Visa or MasterCard.   For two or more nights half of total dollar amount is due using a Visa or MC card.  The final balance is due 21`DAYS IN ADVANCE and will be charged to your card. 

COTTAGE CANCELLATION POLICY:  Since most reservations are made several weeks in advance, the chance of re-renting your cottage at the last minute is quite slim.  Therefore, if you cancel less than 21 days in advance, you will forfeit all payments—unless we can re-rent your cottage.

WEDDING PAYMENTS:  When you wish to reserve your wedding date, a credit card (Visa or Master Card) is required to secure it.  There is a non-refundable deposit of $100. which will be charged immediately upon reserving your date.  This deposit is applied to your wedding charges.  If you are only booking a ceremony, full payment is due at the time of reserving your wedding date.  

WEDDING CANCELLATION POLICY:  Once you have reserved your wedding date, if you need to permanently cancel your plans less than 21 days in advance  before your reserved date, your payment is refundable ONLY if your present date and/or cottage can be re-booked.  In the case where your date is re-booked, a check will be mailed to you after your original reserved date, less the $100.deposit.  If you need to re-schedule your wedding after your full payment has been credited and with at least 21 days or more advance notice, we will gladly re-schedule your wedding up to six months. 

REFUNDS:   There will be no refunds for early departures or for adverse weather--unless roads are closed by the State of Virginia.  No refunds for any loss of electricity, water, or other “Acts of Nature” that are outside of our control.

WINTER & ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS:  If you park at the base of the mountain, we will carry you, your luggage and supplies. In deep snow, you may have a short walk to your cottage door from the main driveway.  Winter is a spectacular time to visit.

TRIP INSURANCE:   For guest’s protection Access America® offers Trip Insurance for Serenity's Edge.  If guests are concerned with the possibility of cancellation we suggest purchasing insurance coverage.

Access America Travel Insurance Protection Products



Our guarantee:  If upon your arrival,  you find your accommodation totally unacceptable, immediately inform the innkeeper in person.  You must tell us why you are displeased at the time of check in. Your monies will be refunded via check, sent to you after all credit cards or checks have cleared.

I understand that I am liable for any damages to my accommodation and therefore I agree to report any problems promptly to the innkeeper.


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Policies are subject to change without notice.       Revised 5-18-11



2011 Copyright    Serenity's Edge!   4404 Murray Hollow  Road,  Thaxton, Virginia  24174  U.S.A.